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IP Video Transcoding Live!

IP Video Transcoding Live! (Briefly IPVTL) a software reliable and trouble-free to get streaming media (audio and video files on the Internet to watch / hear it once, it does not require loading) in real time and it is codec conversion. This tool as a software solution and intuitive for users is provided in an environment that’s most popular online streaming RTMP protocol support. In other words IPVTL a software change multi-channel codec is designed for users who want to use a variety of different applications such as streaming online video with live webcast, cable TV and satellite digital video broadcasting and video surveillance cameras are designed is.
– Stream from HTTP / RTSP / MMS / RTMP URLs
– Stream media files and folders local
– Direct recording video and broadcast live streaming devices
– Video Quality Control
– The adoption of streaming media such as HTTP, MMS, RTSP, RTMP (flash video), RTP and MPEG-TS (DVB-S) and also streams that have already been captured
– Trnskdyng 64 HDTV channels for the user on a server Internet
– Support G.7xx, MP2 / 3, AMR, AAC, AC3, H.263 (+), H.264 (AVC), H.265 (HEVC), MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 and the HTML5 video
– Set resolution, quality, frame rate and bit rate
– And …
As its name implies, IP Video Transcoding Live! (Shortly known as IPVTL) is a straightforward and reliable application geared towards users who need to stream media files over the Internet, with transcoding on the fly.
It is a practical and intuitive multi-channel transcoding solution that supports the most popular streaming protocol – which is RTMP (that stands for Real Time Messaging Protocol). This TCP-based protocol maintains persistent connections and allows low-latency communications, so users can easily stream audio, video and data over the Internet.
IP Video Transcoding Live! (Abbreviation IPVTL) is a professional multi-channel live transcoding software designed for live media streaming over the internet, like cable and satellite TV digital video broadcasting, video surveillance and event webcasting.
IPVTL provides high density transcoding capability with lowest latency. Running on high performanced Intel Xeon processors with NVIDIA Quadro / Tesla video card acceleration, IPVTL is able to transcode up to 64 channels HDTV for internet audience on 1 single server. It has full support of common media encodings today, such as G.7xx, MP2 / 3, AMR, AAC, AC3, H.263 (+), H.264 (AVC), H.265 (HEVC), MPEG-1 , MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, also including the HTML5 video – VP8 VP9.
IPVTL accepts all kinds of media materials as transcoding input, including pre-recorded media files, TV tuner cards and network streams such as HTTP, MMS, RTSP, RTMP (flash video), RTP and MPEG-TS (DVB-S). It works well with familiar media streaming servers including Windows Media Service, RealNetworks® Helix Server, Adobe® Media Server, Wowza Streaming Engine, Nginx and other popular DVB-S devices in the market like Dreambox®.
IPVTL provides on-demand media file streaming as well. It can stream from any pre-recorded movie clips on your local disk, with transcoding on the fly. Any media file type with any codec is supported. What’s more, you can schedule stream play list via streaming from folder (available on Windows currently).
For output, IPVTL supports the most popular streaming protocols today – Apple HLS and Flash RTMP pushing to Nginx-rtmp, Adobe Media Server, Wowza Streaming Engine or Red5 Media Server. MPEG-TS output in constant bit rate (CBR) is available for best compatibility with most IPTV STB and other devices.
IPVTL gives you full control of video and audio encoding profiles customized to your system requirements.Video resolution, quality, frame rate and bit rate, you can reshape your video stream fast and simple.IPVTL also provides professional video post process functions such as logo / delogo, watermarking and subtitle overlay.
For native RTP streams, the input and output media attributes can be easily imported or exported through SDP files (RFC 2327), which can then be fed to other collaborating applications in the whole scenario.
Here are some key features of “IP Video Transcoding Live!”
– Streaming from HTTP / RTSP / MMS / RTMP URLs
– Streaming from Local Media Files & Folders
– Streaming from DirectShow Compatible Capture Device
– RTMP Stream Pulling & Pushing with Adobe / limelight Authentication
– File / Folder Loop Streaming
– Fail-safe Streaming
– CBR MPEG-TS Output
– Video Quality Control
– Video Deinterlace / Crop / Pad / Sharpen / Blur / Overlay
Input Formats Supported
Apple HTTP Live Stream
MMS over TCP / HTTP tunnelling
RTP (Real-Time Transport Protocol RFC 3550)
Microsoft DirectShow Compatible Capture / Crossbar Device
USB Webcam
Digital (Video) Camera (firewire cable connected)
PCI-E Video Capture Card (Blackmagic Intensity / Decklink, TBS, Osprey, etc)
Blackmagic DeckLink Capture Cards through DeckLink API
Multimedia File
Output Formats Supported
Apple HTTP Live Streaming (in .m3u8 index file and .ts segment files)
MPEG-DASH (in .mpd index file and .m4s segment files)
Blackmagic DeckLink Playback Cards through DeckLink API
RTSP / Native RTP (Real-Time Transport Protocol RFC 3550)
Codecs Supported
MP2 / MP3
Real Audio
Windows Media Audio
H.263 + / ++ (aka H.263-1998 / 2000)
H.265 / HEVC
MPEG-1 Video
MPEG-2 Video
MPEG-4 / Visual
Real Video
Windows Media Video
On2 VP6
Webm VP8
Webm VP9
dvb / dvd subtitle
srt / subrip subtitle
webvtt subtitle
movtext subtitle
Hardware Acceleration
DXVA2 Accelerated Decoding (Available on Windows)
Intel Quick Sync Video Accelerated H.264 & HEVC Encoding (Intel processor with HD Graphics required)
NVIDIA NVENC Accelerated H.264 & HEVC Encoding
Output Video Resolution
SQCIF (128×96)
QCIF (176×144)
QVGA (320×240)
CIF (352×288)
VGA (640×480)
4CIF (704×576)
SDTV (720×576)
HDTV (1280×720 / 1920×1080)
Custom / User-specified (H.263 + / H.264 / MPEG-4 / HEVC)
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For Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 (32-bit & 64-bit)
Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 (32-bit & 64-bit)

  • A key feature of the software IP Video Transcoding Live !
  • .pcm / .wav / .mp3 / .amr / .wma / .voc / .ogg / .au Audio Files
  • .avi / .mpg / .mp4 / .mov / .mkv / .ts / .wmv / .asf / .3gp / .vob / .flv / .swf / .rm / .rmvb / .webm Video Files
  • .bmp / .jpg / .gif / .png / .tif Picture Files
  • 2: 2 / High 4: 4: 4) H.264 / AVC (Baseline / Main / High / High 10 / High 4