• PlayCube 4.3 With License Manager Full Unlimited

    PlayCube 4.3 With License Manager. ☺️
    PlayCube is an extremely flexible comprehensive solution for all automated playout requirements of a broadcast facility, irrespective of its size. It has a robust and scalable architecture which boasts of high adaptability making it fit for even individuals on the lookout for seamless content broadcasting. PlayWIZ is the most reliable automated content playout partner with uninterrupted and independent operations 24/7.
    Main Features
    • Enables multiple outputs so that content can be easily delivered in any combination needed.
    • Endless on-air changes possible.
    • Edit, trim or reposition the media.
    • Add to live productions or execute an event while streaming.
    • Schedule and prepare playlists for the future.
    • Automatically resolve Gaps/Time Overlaps to ensure continued operation.


    Core Features:
    • Merge different media formats, frame rates and resolutions to make one single playlist.
    • Cloud as well as in-premise installation.
    • Simultaneous output- IP and SDI at one go.
    • Live Input: UHD/HD/SD SDI, IP stream – MPEG-2 TS (UDP/RTP), HTTP(S), RTMP, MMS(H), HLS, NDI input
    • Output: UHD/HD/SD SDI and UDP/RTP/RTMP Stream output in accordance with DVB & ATSC standards
    • Compatible with a huge library of video and audio formats.
    • Supports a large variety of media containers: MPEG-2 (PS/TS), AVI, MOV, MP4, MPX OP1a, WMV
    • Active Format Description
    • Trigger generation for commercial insertion
    • Closed captioning playout
    • Built-in static and animated logos
    • Simultaneous video scaling of both live input and playlist output
    • Video transformations: Transitions, Up/Down/Cross & Frame Rate conversions
    • Playback of clips still being ingested
    • On-air subtitling burning (SUB, PAC, EBU, SRT)
    • Multi-channel Audio support
    • Automatic audio routing and remapping based on audio language, type and other metadata
    • Automatic Loudness Control
    • Metadata support for text-rich graphics insertion
    • Playlist export to EPG generators
    • Streaming encoding could use nVidia NVENC hardware encoding


    In-built Playlist Scheduler
    • Advanced time-based scheduling with automated conflict resolving
    • Playlist Import from 3rd party Traffic Software and *.CSV file
    • Detailed Logging (AsRun log, System log) for verification and playlist reconciliation
    • 3rd party equipment control – Kramer, Leitch, Network Electronics, Pesa, Quartz, Grass Valley Concerto / Acapella, Sierra, Elpro, Snell, Utah, Miranda Technologies, Ross, BlackMagic Video Hub, BlackMagic ATEM TV Studio, GPI, DTMF, etc.
    • Control plug-in for Playcube CG & Graphics playout
    • Control plug-in for Playcube Ingest
    • Control under external automation via VDCP, GPI, DTMF, Network API, SCTE-104, etc.
    • 1:1 Redundant Playout